Karate / Core Training

This is the main focus of our training programme and is offered in the popular Shotokan style.

Training classes are conducted six days a week at the various Dan Triangle dojos. Students of

all ages join the programme and can progress from white belt through to black belt.


Junior Karate / Schools and Pre-Schools

As an additional training programme we also offer on-site training to pupils at selected

schools and pre-school. This programme is proving to be very popular as it offers classes on

the school premises at the convenience of students and parents alike. It also strengthens the

ethos of the school by teaching the pupils defence, discipline and dedication



We offer very affordable rates which are determined by application criteria.

Contact us for further details.


Annual Nunchaku Course

This course is offered once a year during school holidays and teaches the students how to use Nunchaku  sticks.


Annual Gashuku Training

Our annual Gashuku training is a course where all four dojos get together to spend the day learning new karate techniques, from nunchaku sticks to ground work to kumite to bag work and enhancing the Dan Triangle spirit

Inter-Club Championships

Championship occur throughout the year giving karatekas who would like to enter the opportunity to improve self confidence and gain experience, earn style and All style colours.


Dojos Training Times